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ENVY is incredibly destructive. Envy occurs when there is a lack or perceived lack of what someone else has. Where jealousy might long for or want, ENVY wants not only to possess but to inflict malicious misfortune on the other party. Probably the closest description is Scadenfreude – taking delight in another’s misery.  

There is no one specific thing with ENVY, as it is birthed through lack, it simply be that 

the simplest thing can generate such a vicious response.  Front lawns, relationships, size, money, etc are all common triggers for ENVY and nowadays social media amplifies it with a visual bombardment of the good news (real or otherwise) of others, the selfie generation has seen a massive rise in envy acid attacks, young girls jealous of someone’s good looks or perceived lifestyle.


It is time for change, it is time to restore a sense of psychological well being.

It’s time to change, to think differently, act differently and to heal. 

A time to pause, to silence the external and quieten the internal dialogue a time to simply..

The hush branding

The brand look had to be uncluttered, that said clarity, not comatose. The brand should be understated but not bland, classic but current.

To achieve this, we chose natural fabrics, a mix of light and dark with elements of nature’s colours – stone, green and clay.

Pattern was kept to a minimum, shapes found in nature. Simple, pure and welcoming. Our clients require a visual detox, rest from the bombardment of images they see on a daily basis.

Type was kept to sans serif, classic typefaces – Avenir, Futura and Neutra. Our logo and body text using Futura, using Avenir and Neutra for quotes and captions. The colour of logo and body tect is a midnight blue which worked well with the natural colour palette. 

The remainder of the colour scheme was selected from the images to the left. The palette gave all four products their own unique colour scheme, but it working together as a brand.

The hush mark

The hush mark is in the shape of a stone, a softly rounded shape.  

The stone represents a sense of permanency and solidity.  It is also reflective of the shape of worry beads or hand held mantras.

Its very simplicity makes it an easy to remember visual statement, one which reflects the ethos of the hush brand.

The purpose of RE-CODE is to counteract the message and perception of lack at the core of envy.   It is to remind and recode the user that they are enough as they are. 

Mirrors in changing rooms, the gym, reflections in public spaces are all places to compare yourself with others. If you were only as thin as, tall as, beautiful as, etc…  The list of things we can envy is endless. Magazines, television, social media – they are all places of comparison, that feed envy. 

RE-CODE aims to change the dialogue, to replace the incessant chatter with sanity. The RE-CODE message is that there truly is nothing you need.  RE-CODE says that YOU ARE ENOUGH, just as you are, right now.  YOU ARE ENOUGH, YOU HAVE ENOUGH AND YOU HAVE DONE ENOUGH.

RE-CODE – see differently, think differently, speak differently, act differently… and repeat.

The haptics of embroidery

RECODE for you – offers a range of wearables with our message printed, embroidered and lasercut, as discrete as a whisper and placed inside garments, upside down on hems, reversed to be read in reflection only. Constant little reminders that you are truly enough, just as you are.

RECODE for the home – stripping away the visual garbage from the home. No reminders that you’re using basic brands or a specific branding that makes you feel less than – decant, neutralise, pair back and strip down

RECODE the home in the little corners of the room, the inside of boxes, reversed in mirrors, on light fittings, inside cups and mugs, window and wall hangings – all reinforcing the message that you are enough.

RECODE with its positive message has the potential to change lives by rebranding or recoding the noise of life with a simple, positive dialogue.