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I am passionate about design and its ability to make a positive difference in the world. I am interested in how we can use design to evolve everyday things (services, clothing, artefacts & media) to truly work for us, as individuals, communities and as a functioning society.

I am specifically interested in what we think, how we process our experiences and how this trickles down to the worlds we create. I believe that while we may live in a world of a million little utopias that it is important to find ways to collaborate in unity and I believe that design can truly make a difference in the messes of yesteryear and the realities we experience everyday.

I have working experience as a Fashion Designer, Graphic Designer and as an Educator and have recently returned to education and have undertaken a Bachelor of Design at the Glasgow Art School in Product Design in the Design Innovation School and studied Industrial Design in the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.


Ethnographic Research – User Centred Design – Service Design – Product Design – Fashion Design – Graphic Design – Editorial Design – Model making – Responsive Environments – Technical Illustration – Fashion Design (inc pattern cutting) – Drawing (Technical & Illustrative) – Handmade Books – Web Design

Technical Skills

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, In Design, After Effects, Premiere and Dreamweaver – Arduino – Max/MSP (basic) – Microsoft Office – Autocad (proficient), Fusion 360 (proficient) Rhino 3D (proficient)

Contact Details

Please contact me by emailing